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Types of Sunglasses

Hey there party people, welcome back to Di’s fashion and apparel blog. I feels like it has been forever since I posted on here, so I am super excited to be posting again. The main reason I am so excited is because I found this amazing website that has tons of cheap price on new and used clothing. The website is called and you can find stuff from lots of website all over the world, at the best price possible. Enough about them though, how about we talk about what I bought on the website; sunglasses. Lots and lots of sunglasses. So many that I have had to divide them into types instead of brands. Since I had to do all that hard organizing, I thought I would bring my list online for all you to use if you are shades addicts like me!


Classic aviators consist of a fairly dark metal frame and reflective something even smoked lenses. The lenses are always fairly large which is intended to block out the sun from all angles which is why there are considered the classic pilot sunglasses (and why they are called Aviators). Put a pair of these on and anyone can look like a modern day Maverick. Personally, I prefer a pair of yellow or pink aviators so I can feel like Johnny Depp. Try these discount aviators on for size .


Aviator Sunglasses


Browline sunglasses are named after the frame used, which runs along your chin line. Wait a second, that doesn’t make sense. They go across your brow line, yea that makes way more sense. They will usually have extra thick lenses at the bottom as well. Colonel Sanders made this style famous years ago, and today’s celebrities seem to be sticking with the style, for now anyways. You can buy browline sunglasses new from

Borwline Sunglasses


Sports Sunglasses are for the adventurous one out there. These glasses are defined by having thin, sleek lenses that wrap around all the way to your temples, allowing you to work harder and longer. Personally I love sports sunglasses, and have worn sports style Under Armour glasses for years.

Cat Eyes

Easily recognizable from their upright angles lenses and retro style frames, Cat Eyes Sunglasses were originally made famous in the 1950’s by celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Due to their retro style and some cool feline prints these should be in any retro lovers collection.

Retro Sunglasses


The Rest

There are still other kinds of sunglasses, I just don’t have the time to cover them today. For the curious of you, the other main types are round and retro square, although there are many smaller categories. I hope this has helped you all in learning about sunglasses because it has helped me label my collection better! If you liked this post then check out my previous one on American Apparel. Keep it classy everyone!