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Moccasins-The Comfiest Shoes

Greetings everyone, and a warm welcome to my apparel blog again. For those of you who are new, my name is Di and this is my blog where I discuss all things clothing, apparel, accessories and everything else like that. I recently found some old classic moccasins from an Inuit friend when I was looking through my clothes and shoes from my childhood. My parents used to work in the arctic, and as a result we were given many gifts as babies from friend they had up there. My favorite gift was the moccasins, too bad they no longer fit. But this got me looking at other moccasins, and just the history of the moccasin as well.

Traditionally, a moccasin is made of either deer or or another soft leather such as elk or caribou( hat mine are made of) and consists of a sole and a single piece of leather making up both sides and usually stitched together at the top. The sole is usually a piece of un-worked leather and left fairly soft, whereas the tops and sides are often embroidered with beads or other decorative stones. Moccasins were traditionally used by Native American and Inuit hunters and messengers, aiding in running long distances. There are different types of moccasins, used for a variety of different reasons such as running, hunting, or dancing. Personally I would love to just wear these around the house, and my favourite thing was to run and slide around on the floor with these cool shoes on. I have tried to find some new ones for me online, and hopefully they will delivered soon. Try and find some to try yourself, or as a gift for someone this holiday season. You will not regret it. Speak to you again soon.

beaded moccasins