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Christmas Custom Costumes

Hello you beautiful guys and gals, Di again. My new clothing and apparel blog got a lot of attention with only my intro post, so I thought I owed it to you guys to post something else. With Christmas coming up, I took it upon myself to make some custom clothes, making holiday themed costumes for me and my friends. I love making costumes, they allow you to go wild with idea and try things that would not work for any other part of the year. In the past I have just tried my hand at designing my own Christmas sweater, and the past few years I even put flashing lights on it. This year however I am going for a full on costume, maybe an elf or a reindeer. It needs to be something that works with a group, as I will make it for me and three friends.

I have already found where I can get most of the material to use, no matter what design choice I use. I might have to find some of the more interesting items somewhere else, like something for antlers if I make reindeer costumes. Reindeer’s would work really well actually, my one friend is dressing up as Santa for a local mall so we could be his reindeer. This is why I love doing my own costumes instead of buying them; you can tailor them specifically to what ever you are trying to do. Our end goal is to give out gifts at the local children’s hospital while dressed up, and custom costumes can be a little more appropriate around kids as well. Hopefully we make their Christmas, and I can make some more costumes for something soon.

red Christmas sweater